Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Dr. Laith Shbilat

Ever since I've heard about your activities with the youth movements, and the protests currently happening in Jordan, and what is the contents of your speeches and articles being published here and there, I wanted to ask you something.
What is the purpose of your involvement?

I'll say what i think, and the rest is left to you and the public opinion. I'm really doubting your intentions, and I say you have a personal agenda for your own personal benefits behind everything you do.

lets but it this way, to explain my personal opinion, Jordan is a country of two major parties, Jordanians from Jordanian roots, and Jordanians from Palestinian roots, don't deny it because you don't want to be a racist or a discriminant, I'm not either, but it's the fact on the ground, and ever since the "Black September" events, those two parties are "mainly" living in state of "cold war", both hate and revenge was and is building in the community, if you haven't noticed the staged after math of #March24 events was built upon this simple but dangerous idea. The only thing, in my personal opinion, beside reason which exists in some minority heads of educated and open-minded Jordanians, the love and respect to the king from the public is the major community holding bandage, when you start targeting this symbol, and digging under his feet, the country will simply crumble into a very long civil war, and would leave it to be taken by whoever more powerful or in my opinion plotting its downfall from behind the scene.
I believe in the king, and I know he'll clean up the government from any corruption, as well as i know how long and painful this process will be.
And I'm a proud Jordanian, who wants this country to evolve and reach its full potential, but with destructive direction to these protests like what you are doing right now, we're not going anywhere but to our doom.
hopefully, you'll change your attitude and what you're doing right now, or someone shell find a way to stop you, like the late King Hussian did.

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