Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What is happening in Jordan?! My point of view

After couple of months from appointing Al-Bakhit as a prime minster, yesterday he was fired to be replaced with the high rated judge Awn Al-Khasawneh, directly after a big clashing events resulted from the complete Bakhit's wrong ways of interacting with national wide range of protest. I'm not sure what was HM king Abudallah thinking when he appointed Al-Bakit back then, but maybe, with all Bakhit's military background, I can speculate that he wanted to kill the uprising by force means. Then when he saw the bad results of this cabinet on the ground, he thought of getting some fresh, more reasoning and logical blood  into the picture, he understood that such uprising can't be met with force anymore, it has to be dealt with with reason, logic and the role of law. which I'm pretty sure the new prime minister will apply in the next few days.

on the other hand, the new face concept, will provide an observing, speculating, and waiting window of time for the ministry cabinet, this window of time should give enough space for this cabinet to produce some good results of reforming and system cleaning, which Al-Bakhit's cabinet didn't have, given his bad history from the previous time of being in the prime minter position.

I think, this change of trend in the King's political view, of the interior affairs has something to do with HRH Prince Al-Hassan. since HRH's vision was clear, the constructive conversation between the parties, and providing protection for the free of speech rights. and thats what this new PM started to do in past few hours since he appointed in his new position.

I am optimistic about this change, and I hope this new face would provide what the country needs for the current stage.

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